Kimberly Red

The Butcher On Bundock takes pride in the fact that the beef they provide to the North's most discerning markets is sourced from Australia 's best farms. This professional team would now like to introduce the flagship brand, " Kimberley Red", offering an assured tenderness and fully flavoured.

Kimberley Red is a multiple medal winner at the highly coveted National "Paddock to Palate" competition. Kimberley Red offers assured tenderness and is truly a red to remember. Presenting beautifully on the plate, our beef is juicy and rich, guaranteeing a consistent, quality eating experience. The full supply chain is controlled by Angus Pastoral Co.; Breed – Grass Feed – Grain Feed – Slaughter – Pack – Export, and Kimberley Red offers a 100% natural product, with no chemicals or growth promotants.

Pure South Natural Angus Beef

Succulent, tender beef from some of the world's best grazing lands is now readily available from your Butcher On Bundock

At Butcher On Bundock we also have available for you to enjoy a selection of the fine meats from the renowned, Pure South Natural Angus Beef. This too is only the finest quality beef with this one being grown in south eastern Australia , a region renowned for temperate conditions that create quality meat. The climate and seasonal variations between latitudes 35° and 43° south have been proven perfect for premium natural beef production . These young cattle thrive with high growth rates that ensure their meat is beautifully soft and tender without the need for added hormones. This region is home to many premium breeds, but the real king of Pure South is Angus, the breed that is dominant in fine dining restaurants all over the world.

Only the very best Angus cattle are selected for the Pure South brand. They are fattened on natural grasses until 12 to 18 months of age, and then fed a barley and silage mix for over 70 days. This enhances marbling and tenderness ensuring the highest eating quality year round, regardless of season.

Pure South beef is more tender and succulent than traditional grain fed beef because hormones and antibiotics are never used.

It's the difference that makes Pure South beef an unforgettable experience every time…

Greenham Beef

Greenham's Tasmania Natural Beef is another prime cut from The Butcher On Bundock. This is an exceptional beef product that reflects a unique environment in which the cattle are grown.

The Island of Tasmania is renowned for its exceptionally clean environment and wilderness heritage areas. Pollution free winds blow thousands of kilometres across the vast, empty Southern Ocean bringing pure, clean air and plentiful rainfall.

Isolation has preserved Tasmania 's pristine environment making the state quite different from the rest of Australia . Cattle born and raised from this unique area spend their entire lives in the rolling paddocks and rich pastures that make the island state's farms so special.

Fertile soil and gentle rains produce rich, succulent pastures and thriving livestock. Only the very best grass fed cattle are selected for the Greenham Tasmania Natural Beef label. The carcasses are then graded using the Meat Standards Australia system which guarantees tenderness and eating quality.

The Butcher On Bundock is able to provide the quality cuts including  Cube Roll,  Rump,  Topside,  Tenderloin,  Striploin and  T-Bone.

Cape Grim Beef

Thanks to The Butcher On Bundock you can truly appreciate the flavour and texture of our Cape Grim Tasmanian Natural Beef - a totally tender taste sensation.

Tasmania is renowned for its exceptionally clean environment and wilderness heritage areas. Pollution free winds blow thousands of kilometres across the vast, empty Southern Ocean. Cape Grim on the north west corner of the island hosts a monitoring station that captures the world's most pure air. Hence Cape Grim Tasmanian Natural Beef – exceptional quality beef grown in a natural, pristine environment.

At Butcher On Bundock we select from only the best cattle are selected that have been graded according to Meat Standards Australia guidelines. This highly selective procedure is your guarantee that Cape Grim Beef, from your Butcher On Bundock will be tender and have the finest eating quality.

At the Butcher on Bundock we are proud to sell the finest steaks in Australia and have provided a guide to our cuts of steak below

Eye Fillet
The Eye Filet deserves its reputation as the most tender, elegant steak of all. Carved from the prized tenderloin, this delicate, lightly marbled cut has the mildest flavor of all our steaks.
Rib Fillet
The Rib Fillet offers the marvelous texture of a steak and the rich flavor of Prime Rib. The secret is in the "flavor kernel," a ribbon of marbling running through the steak, which melts during cooking.
The Sirloin is a firm, well-marbled steak from the heart of the loin. The characteristic "white tail" keeps it juicy during cooking. Its full flavor and aroma come alive when grilled.
T Bone
The mighty T Bone is two steaks in one! On one side of the bone there's a large Porterhouse and on the other, a tender Eye Fillet. Guaranteed to satisfy even the largest appetite!
Our leanest, firmest, many say tastiest steak. Our expert steakcutters leave just enough of the exterior fat to bring out its uniquely bold, beefy flavor. If you prefer a steak with a robust taste and texture, this one's for you!








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