Game products that grace the tables of some of the North's most discerning customers are a reality thanks to The Butcher On Bundock's commitment to only the finest dining experiences

Take for example The Butcher on Bundock's full
range of the exclusive Luv-a-Duck range of products.

Australia 's favourite duck, from Australia 's leading producer of duck products is of such high quality that it is a prized addition to any North Queenslander's dining experience. In fact this duck is so good that it is fully marketed and distributed in Melbourne, Sydney,
Brisbane , Perth , Adelaide and right here in Townsville. These fine duck products are also exported to Asia, South East Asia, the Pacific Islands and to the Middle East .

Today, Luv-a-Duck have a world class facility on their 200 hectare farm, surrounded by thousands of hectares of golden grain fields, where Luv-a-Duck ducks convert into magnificent meals.

The ducks available from The Butcher On Bundock are a special breed, featuring a young, tender and meaty duck with a high breast meat thickness.www.luvaduck.com.au

As an alternative try our equally sensational Muscovy Duck

Muscovy duck has a unique taste: it is lean, meaty, tender and flavorful. A 1.5kg. Muscovy has the highest yield of any duck available and 50 percent more breast meat than other ducks. Muscovy breast meat is 99 percent lean and the skin of our duck has 50% less fat than other varieties! The Butcher On Bundock is proud to acknowledge that Muscovy ducks have less fat and less calories per pound than even turkey.

Venison, is popular on the table of many Townsville families.

The Venison from The Butcher On Bundock is sourced from only the best farms and is offered fresh and ready to prepare into your favourite dish. This Venison is highly nutritious and additive free, is tender and really delicious. Sold in Rump or Racks, this venison is a culinary delight and worth considering.

Uniquely North Queensland, crocodile has long been a favourite

Crocodile has become a very popular meat both in Australia and overseas and is part of a developing cuisine that is uniquely Australian. It is a succulent white meat with a delicious and unique flavour. With a wider range of products and cuts, crocodile is now available to suit all culinary needs. Sold as tail fillets

Kangaroo is equally unique with many health benefits

Kangaroo meat is delicious and healthy as a healthy food source with less kilojoules than other meats, its high in iron and zinc, boasts only 2% fat and is high in anti-oxidants and is a real alternative meat. Pleasant tasting without that gamey flavour, kangaroo is rich and delicious. Use it in place of beef.

Rabbit becomes one of those unique products that always impresses

Our wild and farm rabbits are usually reminiscent of chicken although rabbit although has a deeper taste than chicken. Imagine chicken meat with a subtle twist of game. The texture is also quite different; not as dry as chicken breast for example, the meat is succulent and soft.

Then Consider our selection of exotic Game Birds

Emu Fan Fillets from The Butcher On Bundock is tasty, triple the iron content and is virtually fat free.

Ostrich has found a niche' in Townsville by delivering red meat flavor with 40% less fat than beef.

Tender, young, meaty quail is sold oven ready and is quick to cook. Sold in various sizes in packs of 6

A real gourmet choice. The meat is tender, full flavoured, and a chef's favourite. Sold singularly 1.25 kg

Guinea Fowl
Sold as a single bird up to 1.45 kg these tasty birds are oven ready and very tender and taste beautiful

Spatchcock chickens are prepared so it can be flattened to cook quickly by your preferred method

In culinary terminology, squab is a young domestic pigeon or its meat and is like a dark chicken.

A culinary delight, the goose is truly a dining experience. It's a taste you'll come back to.

Free Range Corn Fed Geese
As a delightful alternative, these seasonally available add that extra special magic when dining







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