Sweet Pork Company

Now's the time saviour The Butcher On Bundock's famous range
of pork products from Australia 's leading farm direct to your table

The Butcher On Bundock's highly motivated Townsville team have always aligned themselves with only the best that Australia has to offer. The Sweet Pork Company, has, since 1998, under the guidance of founder Joe Byrne had but one goal and that was to re-create the pork that Joe remembered as a young man. Pork with flavour, pork that stayed moist and juicy, pork the way it was supposed to be.

The Butcher On Bundock shares Joe's vision and have aligned themselves with Joe and a small group of dedicated farmers in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. The pork that's available right here in the North of Queensland is sourced from these pigs which are nurtured and fed an exceptional and expensive proprietary diet of the finest Australian grains and mineral inclusions. Gone were the growth promotant hormones and excessive use of antibiotics that epitomized pig farming of the day. This healthier pig, carrying a bit more back fat and marble in the muscle would also carry the brand on its back.

The Bangalow Sweet Pork logo stretching from head to hock, forever differentiating this fine animal and proclaiming to the world that this pig, this pork, available from The Butcher On Bundock is truly something special, far different than that of normal, lean “commodity pigs and remains a delight to enjoy.

The Sweet Pork Company and the Butcher On Bundock continue their fine relationship under the new owner of the sweet Pork Company, Damien Doherty







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